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Windows Phone App

How do I use windows phone app for ProConnect?

From the ProConnect Application's main navigation, Click on the Mobile Icon . Here you will find site url for ProConnect App. Use this while signing in to Mobile App along with your credentials.

How to sign off from ProConnect Mobile App?

To signout completely you may need to uninstall the mobile app.


How do I checkin to ProConnect?

Go to checkin page. Type your comments in the message box. Drag the red pin on the map within near-by range to position your accurate location. Or select any nearby place to checkin to place.

Can I search for particular checkin for ProConnect

Yes you can. Go to History page to search for particular checkins. Here you can search checkin by location, messages, users and date as well.


How do I create new place to ProConnect?

Go to place page. Drag the red pin on the map to update place' location or manually add latitude, longitude for your place.

How do I edit or delete my place?

Go to place page. Select your place and click on delete icon to delete it. Select your place and click on edit icon to edit it. Here you can update location, information or place picture. You can only delete/edit your place (places created by you)

How do I follow or unfollow place?

Go to place page. Select your place and click on Follow icon. Here you can follow or unfollow selected place. Here you can also view other followers for the selected place. You can follow yours and other users' places as well.

Can I Search for particular place?

Yes you can. Go to place page. Click on the search Icon. Here you can search places by latitude, longitude, place’s name and place owner.


How can I search for other user's Profile?

Go to Profile Page. Click on search icon above profile image. Select user whose profile you want to view.

How can I follow/ unfollow other user?

Go to other user’s profile using search profile. Click on Follow and unfollow button for respective actions.

What can I view in profile section?

In profile page, you can view user’s followers, recent checkins, and user’s profile picture. For your profile you can also view users and places which you are following.

How can I change my profile picture?

If you see generic avatar next to your name it means you have not set your profile picture. Go to profile page and update your profile pic.


What do I see in my ProConnect News?

You can view checkin activities by the users and places you are following. In near-by News you can view nearby checkin activities depending on your current location.


Does ProConnect offer conversation features?

Yes. ProConnect offers real-time conversation with your colleagues. You can reply to any of your colleagues’ updates and start conversation.

Does ProConnect offer notifications?

Yes. ProConnect offers real-time notification in web application.


Who can view admin-control panel?

Only site administrator can view admin-control panel.

What can administrator control using admin panel?

Administrator can manage user subscriptions from here. Administrator can also activate trial or buy/upgrade subscription from here.

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